“We really value the Back in Action service and I'm honestly not sure how we used to manage without it. The operatives role is very physically demanding and involves a significant amount of manual handling on a daily basis. As a result the staff often suffer from minor manual handling ailments but the Back in Action service has helped to reduce this massively. There are the obvious benefits of treating staff who have injuries which rapidly speeds their recovery time and massively reduces sickness and absence and we've benefited from this on many occasions over the last few years. However there are also other benefits which may go unnoticed by the business. Martina our Back in Action physiotherapist has helped to educate the staff in the correct manual handling techniques to prevent injuries in the first place. She has carried out workplace reviews on site which has led to changes in the way some tasks are carried out, and improvements to some of the tools we provide for the staff to use. She has also conducted practical workplace assessments for drivers by assessing their cab layout, seating setup, and improving how they sit to improve their posture. She has also completed a workplace assessment to identify improvements we can make to the working environment for our operatives who also suffer from a lot of repetitive strain and manual handling type ailments. All of these things have actively prevented and reduced the number of minor ailments and injuries happening to our staff. We've also benefited from expert advice with difficult cases by helping to identify adjusted duties for individuals with injuries so they can continue to work whilst they recover. Having the clinic on site also serves as a reminder to the staff of how seriously we take their welfare, and it is a benefit which all of our staff value and are glad to receive.”