Onsite Physiotherapy Clinics

Research shows that the majority of workplace wellbeing programs in place do not deliver when it comes to promoting good health. Indeed, many pounds spent are wasted, as a quarter of healthcare pounds are currently spent on preventable conditions such as stress, obesity and smoking despite the fact workplace wellbeing programs are in place to prevent this spend needing to occur.

Widely believed to be among the reasons for such wellness programs failing is their superficial nature, programs rarely get to the heart of the problem.

Back in Action’s onsite physiotherapy clinics however go deep into the heart of your employee’s health, indeed, our program has shown an ROI value of £11 for every £1 spent.

How Back in Action UK Benefits You

Treatable Conditions

Our team of professional occupational physiotherapists assess and treat non-emergency musculoskeletal conditions company-wide in our clinics. Just some of the areas we treat are:

Back and Neck Pain, Pulled Muscles and Cartilage Tears, Strains and Sprains, Muscle Spasm, Tendonitis, Slipped Discs, Tennis Elbow, Fractured Bones (in and out of plaster), Repetitive, Strain Injuries, Painful/Swollen Joints, Sciatica, Trapped Nerves, Neuritis, Bunions, Frozen, Shoulder, Hip Pain, Shoulder Stiffness, Arthritis and Spondylosis of the Back, Neck, Hips, Knees and Shoulders, Headaches and Torn Ligaments… in short, we treat a lot!

Tangible Benefits

What does all this mean for your staff and your business? By far the most common condition we treat is back pain. In the past 5-10 years there has been a revolution in terms of the understanding of back pain and in how to manage and treat it. Back in Action UK have taken full advantage of this knowledge and deliver cutting edge onsite physiotherapy to our patients. Our treatment decreases and eliminates pain in addition to restoring movement.

Benefits for Employees

Our treatment helps workers with job retention and employee health in addition to personal wellbeing.

Benefits for Employers

Our service helps employers save money, reduce presenteeism and absenteeism, increase productivity and decrease litigation.

Get back to work, get Back in Action.