Welcome to the New Back in Action UK

If you have visited us online recently you’ll have noticed that we’re looking a little different. We’re always looking to align our brand with our core values as an organisation and as such have rebranded our logo and website design. See it below.

The Meaning Behind Our New Look

Our goal is to keep your workforce moving. The annual cost of workplace absence due to musculoskeletal illness soars into the billions each year. Through our occupational physiotherapy service we aim to keep workforces healthy and pain free, increasing productivity and reducing workplace absence.

bia uk new logo

Our new logo is designed to reflect this mission – we keep your organisation running to its full potential by taking care of your best asset, your employees. The ‘play’ or ‘fast forward’ icon demonstrates this and ties in with the strapline ‘Keeping workplaces moving’. We also decided on an orange colour scheme to further complement this directive.

Lastly, just because we’re looking a little different this doesn’t mean anything else is changing in our service, pricing or deliverability. We’re still the same Back in Action UK – we just look a little sharper!

Try Our ROI Calculator

If you’d like to see how much an inhouse physiotherapy service such as ours could benefit your organisation and what sort of ROI it has the potential to deliver, you can enter your company information into our ROI calculator. This has been designed to take employee numbers, sector, presenteeism, hours and our costs into account. Give it a go here.