Timika’s Race for Life

The lead up…
The Lead up to ‘Race for Life’ was very daunting, enduring yet exhilarating. Considering I’m not the most agile, epitome of health it was certainly a struggle but one with many benefits and rewards.
One might say that, as faith would have it, ‘Back in Action UK’ and the team came my way just in the nick of time – kind of like Father Christmas but not!
The lovely Julia helped with testing my walking/running abilities with an assessment and helped me with acute tendinitis with what I like to refer to as her ‘magic hands’. Also, the amazing gym that we have helped so much with cardio vascular training and the general overall support has been amazing with sponsors from so many.
It really showed great camaraderie and good will!
The race…The actual day, Sunday 7th July, was amazingly plentiful with rays of sunshine (slightly like a sauna at times!) but nonetheless beautiful.The race was 5K along Blackheath, all my training certainly paid off, I managed to complete the race in 25 minutes, which is a massive accomplishment for me! Being an ex smoker and someone rather in love with vino!!

Back in Action UK helped me with pre-prepping; I thought about how I was running and posture – the tips certainly helped! I would just like to thank everyone for their support. I have known many to die or suffer from Cancer and I really would like to help it meet its demise.
I have not been here for long but I know that I am surrounded by good people and that, my friends, helps me sleep at night.
Thank you one and all
My career as sprinter may still be alive!!! Hah!

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