The 2013 London Marathon is just around the corner

Today Back In Action UK is going to give you a few useful tips to get through the last days leading up to the race and throughout those 26 miles.

The big day is Sunday but Thursday night is when the countdown really starts. How do I make sure I have enough energy for the race? When should I be eating the carbohydrates that I want to be using during the Marathon? Thursday night is the answer. But in order to be able to store enough energy in your body first you need to make sure you exercise.
What kind of exercise and how strenuous should it be? It should be an accustomed exercise -cycling, swimming, etc. Just make sure you don’t go for a run, leave that for Sunday. The other important thing is that it should be perceived as high effort and should last for a couple of hours – enough to deplete your energy levels. After your exercise on Thursday night make sure you eat more than you would usually do to get the “carbohydrate bounce”. After depleting your energy levels with exercise, your body will store more energy from the food you put in to it, allowing you to then use it after 48 hours – that is, for the Big Day: April 21st.
On the day of the race you will need an energetic breakfast, but nothing too heavy – nuts,berries, fruit. Make sure that whatever you eat you have had in the past. You wouldn’t run on a new pair of trainers so following that same principle don’t try eating anything you’ve not had during your training – you don’t want to be running a marathon on an upset stomach. Hopefully you will have had a look at the weather conditions for that day. Watch out for dehydration, sunburn, chaffing – nipples, bra strap, inner thigh, etc. If it’s a warm day -hopefully we won’t be below zero by then – be aware that pouring water over yourself will increase chaffing.
Before the race warm up with some dynamic stretches or 10-15 second hold static stretches and don’t forget to get your heart ready with some gentle jogging. During the race try to top up your energy every 6 miles – but again don’t try jelly babies or any drinks you’ve not had previously – and make sure you keep hydrated.
When you reach The Mall, you’ve made it! You might feel like lying down on the grass for 30 minutes – please don’t be tempted to do this. Cool down, slowly bring your heart beat down,put some clothes on, stretch your muscles, refuel. Make sure you eat proteins and carbs within 30 minutes of ending the race and rehydrate yourself. Don’t sit down for too long – that will tighten your muscles and you’ll feel the consequences the following day, and the day after,and the one after that.

Angela showing us how to stretch with a foam roller

Your foam roller will become your best friend those days, very useful,so if you don’t already have one you might want to get one now.
After all this, you’ll be ready to celebrate your glorious achievement
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