WSB Supports Telephone Triage in Improving Employee Wellbeing

The WSB (Workplace Savings and Benefits) website recently revealed trends from the Aon Employee Annual Benefits and Trends Survey. The survey questions employers and their influence on employee health.

Medical Equipment

Employers Take Responsibility

“Three-quarters (75%) of employers believe they are responsible for positively influencing employee health.”

Employers recognise their responsibility to look after their teams and the lost income that can result from having members of staff off sick.

Other Survey Results

However when it comes to the specifics of just how they help their worker’s wellbeing, it gets a little blurry as 72% of survey respondents lack a specific health budget.

Some other interesting findings include:

  • 38% of respondents do not make use of data or analytics to inform or drive their corporate health and wellbeing strategy
  • 52% cite the implementation of some sort of telephone medical/GP service, these were also recommended from the survey
  • 23% do not communicate around health and wellness at all
  • 53% of the 294 respondents believe flexible working to be key in ensuring employee wellbeing

Telephone Triage

With telephone being mentioned as one of the more popular wellbeing strategies, our telephone triage services fits in perfectly. We align ourselves with the latest scientific knowledge to pass on to our clients and improve their health in a cost-effective way. You can learn more here and see just how effective this wellbeing tactic is at providing ROI for businesses and outstanding value for money.

The awareness of health and the need for employers to improve this in their teams is recognised and has increased on last year. However, there is still some way to go in translating to specific budgets and quantifiable results for wellbeing initiatives.

We’re witnessing a positive change – and may the change continue to take place!