Team Training

The Benefits of team training. Find the motivation to get off the couch!
Training alone it can often me difficult to find the motivation, especially throughout
the winter when we seem to leave and return to our homes in the dark.
If you have a training partner or team there is both the added motivation and the
thought that you will let them down if you don’t show up for your scheduled training
Within a team there is often friendly competition so you should remember if you are
not at training someone else is and probably getting the upper hand!
Training with a group either for team sports such as for rugby or football, or individual
sports like running or cycling, the group provides you with a support network of like
minded people that can cheer you on and provide you with the encouragement to
You have the added incentive that you are working together to accomplish an
ultimate goal.
In particular if you are training for any distance or endurance events such as
marathons, ultras or triathlons it always helps the miles pass by having a friendly
partner to chat while you train!
So join a team or group now. There are plenty out there and much more fun and
financial beneficial than a gym membership you never use!

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