Office Secret Santa!?

We spend more and more hours at work these days, and I am sure a lot of you will be working over the festive period, so here are a few ideas of presents that could make the work day pass with less discomfort and more contentment!  Whether it be for a colleague who has become a good friend, an office secret santa, or a collective office Christmas present – there’s something for everyone – and it doesn’t have to be food or drink!

For those with hand or wrist problems – there are a lot of different mouse options – far more exciting than the norm…

Oh yes, you can get a mouse that is pretty much like a joystick! (If you really want one you don’t have to have a hand or wrist problem!)

Research has shown that having plants in an office makes people feel happier – better still when they get to chose them… how’s this for pushing the boat out?!

Back in Action's interior designer had a lot of fun!!





A lot of people have to work crazy hours – particularly through the dark winter months this can lead to a very confused body clock – so an alarm that provides you with a sunrise whenever you need it can be an excellent solution:

Rise and Shine!!

It is increasingly thought that art work decorating the working environment can be inspirational and important to people feeling comfortable – who wants blank walls – when you could have some colour…

On the more extravagant end of the market, there are more and more innovations being developed to help people stay active despite needing to stay at their desks – the ultimate multitasking – but perhaps a little difficult!:

Literally "working" up a sweat










But I must say I favour the slightly more simple solution of being able to vary your position with an adjustable height desk:

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