Back in Action Help London City Airport for Health & Safety Awareness Week

Back in Action UK travelled to London City Airport as part of their Health and Safety Awareness week. We ran quizzes, desk based exercise classes, active worker stretch and flex classes and Physio Q&A all within the airport.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is such an imperative part of our daily lives, and there are often instances when incorrect posture and lack of awareness of musculoskeletal issues can cause major physical difficulties. We were excited to be able to give London City Airport’s workers a clearer picture of the ways in which they can implement occupational physiotherapy techniques into their working lives, decreasing their chances of sickness absence.

Occupational physiotherapy classes

In the photographs on our Facebook page, you can view the types of movements we teach at our corporate physiotherapy seminars and workshops. We approach both standing and sitting posture issues and help employees understand which parts of their daily routine can benefit from improved ergonomics and a deeper understanding of how the body works.

Workshops and workstations

Our engaging workshops utilise a range of methods aimed at making the corporate environment a fun and safe one where employees can share and learn how to manage their own bodies and remove risks from their working lifestyle. Moreover, workers increase their knowledge of health and safety and lessen the chances of suffering an injury that could potentially lead to absence.

Check out our Facebook page to see the pictures of our London City Airport event and who we are helping next!

A selection of pictures from the day are below:

London City Airport 10 London City Airport 9 London City Airport 8 London City Airport 7 London City Airport 6 London City Airport 5 London City Airport 4 London City Airport 3 London City Airport 2 London City Airport 1