Occupational Physiotherapy Potential Cure For Stress Epidemic

Frustrated WorkplaceEmployee stress levels are at an all time high in London, affecting 16% of the population and the cost to businesses is an eye-watering £460million a day. Here, we take a look at how stress is caused and why Occupational Health is being hailed as the way forward in tackling the problem.

The Stress Epidemic

Having time off for stress-related illness has often had a mixed reception from employers and workers alike. Many consider this type of absence as a taboo, covering for a lack of performance or inability to do the job. However, the understanding of stress and mental health issues is changing and, with 10.4million working days lost last year, businesses are starting to take a closer look at what is causing such conditions and how they can alleviate the issue.

Many high-profile cases of stress have made the headlines, with some ending in tragedy. Employee wellbeing has been the talking point of many businesses of late with the intention of supplying workers with the support and honest communication they need in order to adapt and grow within their positions.

The OH Solution

One of the benefits of occupational health techniques is its preventative nature. Most patients treated for stress are already taking sick leave from work, whereas in-house physiotherapy and changes to the workplace tackle the problem before it has begun.

Musculoskeletal problems suffered through a less than optimal work space can directly influence stress levels, causing discomfort and lack of energy as well as chronic pain. Battling prolonged physical ailments whilst maintaining a lifestyle, both professionally and personally, causes undue strain emotionally and this has an effect on how an employee view’s their ability to cope with a job. Making changes to the office or workplace is the best way to ensure your employees have the mental tools to achieve maximum productivity.

How We Can Help You

Back in Action UK offer a wide variety of services proven to help your staff reach their full potential through workplace ergonomics and occupational physiotherapy. We can assess your office and create a more harmonious working environment using the techniques that have garnered so much praise in the media. Get in touch with us now to see how we can help you maintain a happy and contented team through proven physiotherapy methods.