Melanie’s Magnificent Marathon

Wales Trail Marathon
Distance: 43.6km.
Elevation: 1,338metres.
Until I arrived in Wales I did not truly grasp the enormity of this challenge! I have done many tail races before but this was (43.6km) 26.2 miles of steep up and down hills and crazy terrain! As usual I was nervous but this time because I was running with a team, this is not something I have done before and I was hoping my utterly over competitive nature would not get the better of me. . . .

Tackling the tricky terrain

Overcast, rainy and windy was the forecast, and on race morning it was exactly that (luckily the rain died down and held off for most of the day).The gun marks the start we are off up a steep winding hill up into the Coed Y Breninforest introducing you to probably the easiest section of the course (it feels tough and already I am willing a flat straight to appear). It only got more gruelling from here on in…..the only difference in challenges was the gradient of the hill, steep even for a mountain goat! Following the up hills was sharp down hills, with branches underfoot and mosquito attacking all around! I had been adding extra training sessions of hill and stair climbing and it seems my weekly run up Russell Square tube steps paid off as we managed to complete the race and have the energy to celebrate crossing the finish line!
To anyone who is thinking of taking on a trail challenge, think strength and stability. Get going with your squats and gluts training. Don’t forget to get those niggles checked out by a trained physiotherapist you don’t want them bothering you at mile 20! Why not make use of our knowledge and have a running assessment done to smooth out any habits that may be hindering you reaching your PB!

Mile 16!

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