Kerry’s Guide to Christmas 2013 Food Fads

The lights are up, the shops are full of decorations and glitter, there is a distinct smell of mulled wine in the air and Slade are slowly creeping their way back on to the radio – it can only mean one thing…Christmas is almost here! Whether you love the long enthusiastic build up to Christmas or are a little more bah humbug until the 20th Dec, there is one thing most of us can agree on and that is Christmas is a great time to enjoy food. Fantastic food. A great deal of fantastic food….

If you are anything like me, you will already be salivating at the thought of Grandma’s tastiest pudding, preparing canapé ideas for your festive soirée and eating out a million times more than you do normally just because you can. As you may be able to tell, I love food. Nothing makes me happier than a good curry with all of its accompaniments and I love receiving food or food vouchers as gifts (I don’t say no to liquid gifts of the alcoholic variety either), however, at this year the food industry becomes awash in food fads that range from the deliciously moorish, to the hellishly healthy to the down right crazy. Which of this years fads, will you be sampling?

1.) Drink more coffee – ok so for the caffeine crazy’s out there, this seems like a pretty good option. Research has suggested that we should swap our fruit smoothies for coffee…. Studies have revealed that regular coffee consumption  isn’t quite the bad habit we previously thought it might be. 2-5 cups a day may lower all-cause mortality and the caffeine can act as an anti depressant. So what about fruit smoothies? A BMJ study entitled “Fruit Consumption and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes” found that whilst eating fruit cuts your risk of developing diabetes, drinking it seems to increase the risk by a fairly significant amount. Effectively by the time you have peeled, cored and mashed the fruit, all that you are left with is a sugary drink. Coffee may stain your teeth, but the high sugar content of a smoothie can lead to cavities, so perhaps it’s time to reconsider your breakfast beverage!?

But lets face it, smoothies are such an easy tasty way to pack in your 5 a day, are you ready to give them up just yet? Will you trade in your smoothie maker for a coffee machine this Christmas?

2.) Inhalable deserts…Yes, I kid you not…these exist!! An American company have had huge success with Vaportrim, the first range of zero calorie deserts. They claim that their strong, delicious smells will make you feel full and satisfy your hunger cravings. YOU WILL FEEL FULL WITHOUT EVEN LIFTING YOUR FORK?!!?

I have yet to inhale one of the many airy puddings on offer, but I think Apple Pie will be first on my list. So for the dieters out their, perhaps you should for go all notions of enjoying the crunch of pastry, the creamy cold sensation of an ice cream sundae and add Vaportrim to your Christmas wish list.

3.) Chocolate wine – For many chocolate and alcohol sounds like a match made in heaven, I have many friends who would love to find this in their Christmas hampers…but will it really live up to our expectations? Chocovine created in the Netherlands has combined red wine and rich dark chocolate to come up with this range of smooth beverages full of antioxidants and is selling rapidly across Europe and even the US I believe…chocolate tipple anyone?

4.) Honey. Yes, I know this has been around years, but the simple natural goodness of honey has had a resurgence in 2013 that shows no sign of stopping. As it contains fewer calories than sugar and many natural sweeteners and contains many great vitamins and antioxidants, honey is fast becoming the preferred option for many in their cooking, hot drinks and in their deserts. The internet is full of articles detailing the benefits of honey, which include using it as a cough medicine, including it as part of a calorie controlled diet and using the gut friendly bifid-bacteria to settle the stomach. I personally find honey a tad too sweet and can never imagine swapping sugar (or my real favourite Golden Syrup), but will you be receiving jars of honey under the tree this year?

2013 has presented us with some truly bizarre food concoctions, and being a self confessed foodie with a huge appetite, I would be more than happy to try any fad put on my plate, but please remember it’s Christmas…so each fad must also come with a mince pie please.

Do you have a secret recipe you want to share, or a fad that’s worth trying? Let me know @KerryOPhysio.

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