Countdown prep and training for your big event

3 days before:

– Do a 30 minute cardio workout such as the stepper or bike to get your body fired up for the day. Don’t be tempted to do anything too intensive such as you will risk injury or may get DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which will affect your ability on the big day.
– Ensure that you warm up and cool down effectively.
2 days (at least 48 hours before):
– Exercise fairly hard (accustomed exercise) and then eat a carb load. This will give you a carb ‘bounce’ for the event.
1 day before:
– Make this your rest day. At most do some light aerobic exercise & stretching.
The night before:
– Do some stretches and get a good night’s sleep.
– By all means eat carbs but there is no need to load at this late stage. If you want to carb load to give you that edge on the day, do it at least 48 hours beforehand as indicated above. The research shows that carb loading the night before is not effective as they won’t have been processed to the liver and muscles in that time frame to be effective.
– Don’t drink alcohol. Check your urine to see how de-hydrated/hydrated you are.If it’s not pale yellow, drink lots of water and get hydrated.
The morning of the event:
– Eat a slow-release energy, healthy breakfast such as porridge.
– Make sure you are adequately hydrated.
– Pack your bag so that you feel well prepared with water or an isotonic drink,warm clothing for before & afterwards, your exercise kit & a light snack for before/afterwards e.g. a banana.
1 hour before:
– Try not to eat much in the hour before the event to avoid feeling sick. If anything, have a very small light snack.
– Drink water and even have a cup of coffee. Caffeine has been shown to improve performance and it’s recently been taken off the band list so you won’t be‘doping’!
– Get changed into your kit with additional warm outer layers so that you don’t get cold while you wait.
– Begin to mentally prepare.
– Make your way to the venue with plenty of time to spare.
10 minutes before:
– Start warming up. Run on the spot to get warmth throughout your body and do some dynamic stretches.
– Take off your outer clothing.
– When it’s time to go, don’t go off too fast. Increase your pace as you are going ifyou are feeling good.
– Finally…enjoy it!
After the event:
– Cool down with some stretches and drink plenty of water.
– In the hours after finishing have combination of protein and carbs such as a glass of milk and a banana (if you can’t stomach a meal) or something like chicken and rice/ pasta and tuna.
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