Work Out at Work: Top Ways to Increase Fitness and Decrease Work Stress in 2015

Zombies-RunFor many, the Christmas break is a welcome chance to recharge the batteries and get some relaxation in before the beginning of the new year. However, returning to work after the festive break can remind us why we were so ready for the break in the first place! With New Year’s resolutions commonly calling for a healthier lifestyle, we look at some apps to keep you well at work.

New Year, New You

Many workers only realise how much their job affects their body when they are no longer there. During the Christmas break, it is easier to notice just how tense and physically-demanding a job can be, particularly if your work area is not suited to the needs of your body. It could be as small as your office chair not being properly aligned with your desk, or it may be a larger issue involving a repetitive injury – either way, corporate physiotherapy or ergonomics can be the way to combat any physical workplace issues.

In addition to professional services, there is also a chance for many workers to take matters into their own hands and work on developing a fitter and healthier lifestyle in order to be better prepared for heading back into work! For many, this involves regimented diets and regular runs, however for some who may not be particularly gym-minded, it can be hard to become motivated and that can filter into work performance. BUT, as always, there’s an app for that!

Download the New You

There are thousands of fitness apps available to download on any smartphone for both the seasoned gym veteran or those who are not yet friends with fitness. If you are looking to minimise your discomfort at work, building a healthier lifestyle outside work is a good start. Here are a few top fitness apps for all levels of exercise:

Zombies, Run! – This app is intended to take the monotony out of running and add in some excitement, in the form of the undead. Users are thrown into the story of a zombie apocalypse playing the part of Runner #5, whose job it is to collect medicine, explore dangerous areas and, of course, escape from zombies. It is a fun tool to make your morning run a bit more dramatic and fun, and it intersperses the storyline into your usual music playlist.

Weilos – If you struggle to keep yourself motivated when it comes to exercise and dieting, Weilos could be the app for you. It has an extensive network of users who share inspirational sayings and support for others. The app has detailed nutritional advice and offers users the chance to connect with others and create a network of likeminded people.

Fitocracy – This is a great app for those who are competative with themselves! You can set an overall goal to achieve, however with each sub-goal passed, users can unlock achievements and rewards. For those who struggle to motivate themselves and do not often participate in team sports, this is a great app as the only person that needs to be beaten is yourself!
There are so many apps available to download and most can be specifically designed to suit any level of fitness and any overall aim. However, with work-based injuries such a problem for so many people, it is also important to make sure you are doing everything you can at work to avoid these injuries.

Work it Out

When working in an office, or indeed at any job which requires employees to sit or stand in the same positions for a number of hours, it can be hard to maintain physical wellbeing. Corporate physiotherapy is an excellent way to ensure that employees are working at optimum levels of comfort and reducing the risk of repeat injury. There are also exercises employees can conduct themselves in order to better maintain healthy muscles. These can include:

Stand up – Regularly getting up from your desk to walk around and stretch muscles does not only help reduce the risk of strain but it is also a good way to lessen the tiredness than can occur throughout the day. Taking a brief walk around the office or stretching muscles can release tension that has built up over the space of the working day.

Meet outside – Australian researchers found that meetings that occurred outside, particularly when combined with a brisk walk, were more productive and incited an increase in creativity. Allowing workers to take time outside is a good chance to relax the body and mind too.

Adjust equipment – Looking at the office as a whole to deduce levels of comfort is fine, but special attention must be made to each member of staff and the job they are expected to do. Every person is different and, as such, they cannot be expected to work the same way. Making adjustments to furniture, such as backrests on chairs or the height of a desk, can make a marked difference to the physical wellbeing of staff.

For many, occupational physiotherapy is the best way to ensure staff are professionally looked after and better able to perform their work at full potential. Allowing staff to have a better hold of their physical wellbeing, both at work and during personal time, is a great way to ensure a productive and healthy team in 2015.

14th January, 2015