Employee Wellbeing Becoming Top Aspect in Business Productivity

Workstation_AssessmentEmployee wellbeing is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of business with companies putting more effort than ever into ensuring they have wellbeing programs in place to better support workers. We look at the statistics supporting the use of workplace health programs and how corporate physio can be another step towards contented and productive employees.

The Statistics

Buck Consultants at Xerox recently published research as part of a survey entitled Working Well: a global survey of health promotion and workplace wellness strategies, which demonstrated a huge shift in the opinions of large companies supporting the use of wellbeing programs. Some of the statistics included in the Xerox research include:

• Over 1,000 people were questioned from thirty-seven countries and 65% agreed that implementing wellbeing programs into their businesses were an important part of creating a lasting team,
• Over half of those questioned now measure the ROI of wellbeing programs, a significantly higher percentage than the 36% recorded in 2012,
• The top areas companies choose to focus on with regards to employee wellbeing include lessening stress, improving poor diets and increasing physical exercise,
• 43% of businesses have developed wellbeing programs with a specific brand identity, signifying dedication to the process as a whole.

Why the Change?

An employee’s overall happiness correlates to their performance. Whereas previously employers may have looked at wellbeing programs as opening a can of worms, nowadays the return on investment of these programs is being measured for the first time, proving their worth. Media coverage about; employee stress levels being at an all time high, the amount of sick leave being taken for stress-related illnesses and RSI (repetitive strain injusry) due to poorly planned workspaces is extensive.

There have been recent changes in the laws on flexible working which has given some power to employees who feel it is within their right to request a change in working arrangements. Allowing staff to adapt their hours or workload to better support their lifestyles is becoming increasingly popular.

Corporate Physiotherapy and Your Business

With the corporate world so outwardly determined to make the lives of their employees more manageable, corporate physio is, as a result, a growing industry. Allowing for the physical comfort of employees is a step towards ensuring they have all the tools at their disposal to reach their maximum potential.

Back in Action UK can help your business by offering corporate physiotherapy tailored to the needs of your team, helping achieve staff wellbeing on all levels.

10th September, 2014