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Do you think your body is coping OK with your stressful commute to work? Is your sleep giving you adequate recovery? Do you want to improve your performance at work or your work endurance? Well, here at Back In Action UK we can assist you in this, and help answer these questions for you by using an extremely clever, state of the art monitoring device called The VitalityPod TM.

The discrete VitalityPod system


The discrete monitoring device (and I promise it is discrete!) is attached to the body and worn for three 24 hour periods. How your heart reacts and the exact stresses that influence both performance and the body throughout the day and night can be then be established. An amazing portfolio of detailed but easy to understand reports are produced from the data and evaluated by Back In Action’s performance coach, giving a dynamic insight into the impact your lifestyle is having on you and highlighting areas that require improvement in order to achieve your optimum health and performance. A bespoke programme designed to suit your needs is provided- such as guidance with your lifestyle (diet, stress and recovery, exercise and energy expenditure) and identifying appropriate strategies to help you follow the programme and maximise your chance of success.
The VitalityPod TM was originally designed for shaping the performance of international sports men and women and is now being applied to leading businesses. Similarly to sporting professionals, business professionals are under levels of intense pressure to succeed. It can be a really tough balancing act in order to achieve success in the 21st century business world whilst maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle so let us at Back In Action UK as well as current technology help!
For more information on performance coaching visit us at or tweet me @juliaphysio
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