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Physiotherapy Highlighted in Bid to Tackle Long Term Sickness

Physiotherapy has been highlighted in a new bid to tackle long-term sickness absence in an article published by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. The cost of absence to UK employers is estimated at £9 billion per year and totals a massive 137 million days off work. As employee health and wellbeing continues to take the […]

Do You Know About Our GP Service?

We are proud to have partnered with GPDQ to supplement our occupational physiotherapy service and provide closer links to GPs for our clients. Physiotherapy and GP-related needs often go hand in hand and we believe we can make our service even more effective through this partnership. Where is the service available? The service is available […]

BIA UK’s Kenny Butler Published in the British Medical Journal

BIA UK’s very own Kenny Butler has co-authored a study that has made it into the British Medical Journal (BMJ) as part of his work with Active Health UK. The piece has been covered in numerous press including The Sun, The Times and iNews. Focus on Physical Activity Can Can Help Avoid Unnecessary Social Care […]

Physiotherapists Granted Rights to Issue Fit Notes

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has revealed details of a government announcement that will allow physiotherapists to sign Fit Notes to help people get back into work. Experts in Musculoskeletal Disorders The Government issued paper ‘Improving Lives: the Future of Work, Health and Disability’ outlined a significant focus on musculoskeletal illness and an expansion […]

Report Summary: Occupational Health – The Value Proposition

We’ve read and digested a new report by the Society for Occupational Medicine discussing the value proposition of occupational health for employers and have a summary of its main points that relate to our work as occupational physiotherapists below. Introduction Health problems among the working population are having a significant socio-economic impact. Population surveys estimate […]

HSE Plans for Improving Workplace Health in 2017

Following on from our recent blog discussing the government’s new emphasis on health as a result of its comprehensive whitepaper, we thought we’d follow up with news on what the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is planning to do to further these aims throughout the rest of 2017. There are four main subsets of the […]

A New Emphasis on Health

There has been renewed emphasis on health in the workplace due in considerable part to findings from the recent consultation “Work, health and disability green paper: improving lives”. This important consultation supports a case for action with regard to the workplace through; tackling significant inequality, supporting people into work, supporting healthy workplaces, supporting employment and […]

Important Employment Trends for the Health & Safety Professional

Safety Management took a look at a number of workplace trends from the past two years. Ranging from flexible working to zero hours contracts, these all have an impact on health & safety and our working lives. At BIA UK we often work closely with health & safety professionals as musculoskeletal illness (MSK) forms such […]