How Much Does Absence Cost Your Organisation?


*Please note these are estimates only.

1. Absenteeism costs between £400 and £789 per employee, per year depending on the sector as per CIPD 2015 figures. Please select the sector closest to your organisation and enter the total number of employees to begin your ROI calculation.


2. Next, presenteeism is widely cited as being twice the cost of absenteeism as per the CIPD. Therefore your estimated presenteeism cost is below.


Your estimated total cumulative absence cost therefore including absenteeism and presenteeism is as follows.


BIA UK’s own data shows that we reduce the overall absence bill by between 15% and 20%. Therefore we can potentially reduce your absence bill to the below.


This equates to a total saving of the below number.


The annual cost of BIA UK’s services are approximately £28 per employee, per year. For your organisation this would work out an annual cost of the below figure.


Lastly, your approximate ROI for every £1 spent on our service is estimated below.

* Required

Time Costs


There’s also a time cost to consider in addition to a monetary cost. BIA UK’s data indicates around 6% of total employees require occupational physiotherapy at a rough average of 5 visits per employee. In addition to an hour in physio, we also estimate an hours travel each way for offsite visits. 

The below calculation will show you how many hours you could potentially save by having a physiotherapy clinic onsite as supposed to offsite.

*Numbers are estimated based on BIA UK data

First, enter the number of total employees in your organisation.

We estimate the below number of employees will require physiotherapy.

If we now look at travel time, below is the number of hours we estimate will be spent in physiotherapy, combined with our estimated travel time for offsite clinics whereby employees travel to receive treatment.

With one of BIA UK’s onsite clinics, there is no travel time as employees get treated at work. Below is the estimated hours required for onsite physiotherapy clinic treatment.

Lastly, below we have the saving of using BIA UK’s onsite clinics as supposed to using an offsite clinic.


Question About Your Calculation?