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    Back in Action UK are THE physiotherapy experts.

    We deliver musculoskeletal and wellness solutions designed for individuals and businesses with the aim of achieving lasting health, productivity and vitality.

    We’re passionate about physiotherapy. We love doing what we do and believe that our first-class service and care is unrivalled.

    Ask us a Question: Tweet us with any physiotherapy or training question and one of our physios will get back to you swiftly.

  • Physiotherapy

    Great care. Great results that last. That is what we set out to achieve when we were born 11 years ago and that is very much what we stand for today. We’ll treat you, the whole person, not just your injury, so that when you get better, you stay better.

    We’re so confident about our service that if you are not happy with your session we will refund you the cost of the session AND give you your next appointment free of charge.

  • Workplace Health

    We believe that we are the UK’s leading provider of corporate physiotherapy services. Occupational or Corporate Physiotherapy is our speciality, our core business. We believe that no other company is as specialised or as knowledgeable as us and the service that we provide is first-class and cannot be beaten.

    We are so confident with this that your company can trial our physiotherapy service for 4 weeks. If it is not happy with our service at the end of this period, we’ll give them their money back.

  • Workplace Health Lasting musculoskeletal and wellness solutions for businesses.

    Physiotherapy Get Better. Stay Better.

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    Physiotherapy London

    Back in Action UK are leading physiotherapists specialising in private physiotherapy and occupational physiotherapy. In the eleven years since its creation, Back in Action UK has grown to be at the centre of clinical excellence and service of physiotherapy in London.

    Physiotherapists in London

    Our mission at Back in Action UK is to offer musculoskeletal and wellness solutions for individuals and businesses that desire to achieve lasting health and vitality. We work closely with occupational health organisations and physicians to provide first class nationwide physiotherapy and related services to all of our clients - just one of the reasons why we believe we're the best physiotherapists in London.

    We have five clinics spread across London, find out where your local clinic is here. Our physiotherapy clinics are near some of the most well-known buildings in London so we won't be hard to find.

    Vauxhall Physiotherapy

    Our entire staff at Back in Action UK is incredibly passionate about physiotherapy and love what they do. It is this passion combined with our first-class comprehensive service and care that makes us believe that we offer the finest physiotherapy in Vauxhall and the borough of London.

    Located near the MI5 building, our most recent clinic is in the luxurious St George Wharf and has a great view of the other side of the river. With only a 2 minute walk to Vauxhall station, our Vauxhall clinic is easy to get to.

    Physiotherapy in Westminster

    Our specialists help many patients get on the road to recovery quickly and safely regardless of the injury that made you require treatment. Our experts can you help you with any type of bone, muscle or nerve problem you are enduring so you can rest assured that you're getting the finest physiotherapy in Westminster and the surrounding areas.

    Located on Millbank, our Westminster clinic is inside the Bannatyne Health Club. Patients are able to use the club facilities during your treatment or while under instruction by your physiotherapist.

    Physiotherapists in the City of London

    The Back in Action UK team consists of over forty physiotherapists, Pilate's instructors, personal trainers, support staff and performance coaches. Whether you're suffering from a mild headache, recurring or consistent back pain, surgical reconstruction or an arm you just had out of plaster, our experts can help you get back to normal. Back in Action UK are one of the largest and most favoured private physiotherapy clinics throughout the City of London

    Our City of London clinic is based in the famous Tower 42, we are right in the heart of Londons financial district so you can book in an appointment to fit in with your schedule.

    Tower Hill Physiotherapy

    Many patients come to us to discover the cause of their pain or the treatment needed- this is no problem for our staff. We're experts in conducting assessments to find the root of the problem and will create personalised treatment programmes for each patient- one of the reasons why we believe our physiotherapy is the best in Tower Hill and across the rest of London.

    With only a few minutes from the iconic Tower Bridge, our Tower Hill clinic is located in the Royal Mint Court. Our Tower Hill physiotherapy clinic is only a short 5 minute walk away from Tower Hill station.

    Physiotherapy in Holborn

    Back in Action UK works closely with some of London's finest Orthopaedic consultants and surgeons and sports physicians to offer the finest physiotherapy in Holborn and the London area. If you find that you are not happy with your session, we will refund the treatment and give you your next appointment for free, we're that confident in the quality of our service.

    Located in Holborn, this clinic is closer to the Russell Square station and is situated inside the Bannatyne Health club, patients will have full access to the club during treatment and do not have to be a member.

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    We are so confident with the quality of our care, that if you are not happy with your
    session we will refund the session AND give you your next appointment free of charge.